It is not so easy to get a lawyer that will truly fit your standards. By merely reading the local newspaper or browsing through a random directory, you can never expect to find someone as valuable as you want. There may be some names, but you can't be so sure to make a valid judgment only from these sources. You have to dig a little deeper. Keep in mind that this person holds a big task on your behalf that will either help you or ruin you.


Usually, the easiest way to gather valuable information is from personal referrals. These are recommendations from your trusted colleagues where some of which have probably a lot more background with this sort of thing than you do. Direct testimonies from people you know will hold a greater impact than what was written on newspapers because you heard it yourself. A better approach would be to contact those people who had the same problems with you. For instance, you claim to be sexually harrassed, then you can visit a women's group and ask about the lawyers that they had and who were very satisfactory. There is a fat chance that you'll get several good leads.


However, it doesn't mean that if the other person liked that lawyer that you will probably too. Your preferences may even be a difference between night and day. So basically, you can't solely base your judgment on someone else's opinion. It's still a good start though. Don't make rash decisions without meeting this lawyer personally, discussing the case and felt comfortable with him. It won't do you any good to be half-baked on your decisions. If you still can't come to a decision, try considering informations online or from different law services contacts. It can be inferred that these sources are credible as much as anything. Read more about lawyers at


After getting some names, contact an attorney from them. And although it is good to base your decisions to public opinions and online descriptions, it is still your personal preference that would be the final say. Once you meet them personally, consider the emotions that you feel at that moment. Are you comfortable being around him? Is there compatibility when you were talking with each other? Do you feel like you can trust this person? These questions will really get handy because no matter how smart, specialized and experienced this immigration attorney may be, if you can't make yourself trust him, then you can never achieve an ideal lawyer-client relationship. Consider your instincts the most because it matters the most.


It is better if this person lives near you or stays some place near you and values time as much as you do. Nobody likes to wait for too long or have his case hang for a very long time without anything happening.



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